About the Project

The Nave Noff Tower in Bat-Yam. Your chance to live exactly how you deserve!
Only 10 minutes away from Tel Aviv, on the most prime location in Bat-Yam's new beach-front promenade, the Nave Noff Tower stands out with its 42 floors, luxurious 4-5 room apartments, mini-penthouses and luxury penthouses. With spectacular panoramic views of the sea and green park from each and every apartment, a modern and meticulously crafted design with unparalleled specification and innovative planning, the Nave Noff Tower sits at the heart of a rare ecologic corridor used by migrating butterflies, offering you the quality of life you've always wanted.
When they speak of luxury living, this is exactly what they mean. The Nave Noff Tower, which was designed by leading architects Gal Marom and Avner Yashar, stares the panoramic view straight in the eyes. With each and every stage of planning involving emphasis on tenant convenience, and with each decision being tested against practicality of everyday life, the meticulous thought invested in each and every process, best expressed in the manner by which the tower and its surroundings were equipped with various facilities and systems designed to serve its tenants on a daily basis, such that they successfully blend in with their living environment in a natural way, is evident.
From with the state-of-the-art gym that is open to tower tenants only, through the spacious

and easily maneuverable underground car park, to the exclusive business lobby and business lounge that is ideal for hosting business meetings and other important guests in a prestigious, cultural and intimate atmosphere - the Nave Noff Tower offers practicality and comfort without having to give up a respectable and private atmosphere in every corner of your home.