The New Promenade

The Bat-Yam - Rishon LeZion Promenade is Under Way

An exclusive promenade designed to connect Bat-Yam and Rishon Lezion in the Near Future.

The plan includes approximately 1.5 km of coastline walking trails and cycling lanes, alongside beachfront hotels, restaurants and cafes. All the details are inside.
The promenade itself and Bat-Yam's coastline have in recent years become a lively entertainment center that plays host to numerous international festivals and events. Out of desire to continue this trend, the promenade project has finally entered the phase of construction.
The project, which is being financed in conjunction with the Ministry of Tourism, is expected to cost of approximately 13 million NIS to complete. The budget allocated for the current phase of construction includind 1.3 km requires financing of 1.8 million NIS by the Ministry of Tourism and an additional 1.8 million NIS by the Municipality of Bat-Yam. The current construction phase includes a 1.5 km long promenade which is to connect south Bat-Yam with NW Rishon Lezion. The section's unique planning and design includes a lower beachfront promenade which is to begin in Bat-Yam's beachfront hotel area and end at the Rishon Lezion beach.
In addition to the concrete and garden strip, the promenade will also include a wooden deck which is to be constructed alongside it with access routes for pedestrians and disabled persons. As may be expected, the plan also includes additional business development initiatives such as restaurants, hotels and more.
According to attorney Erez Podemsky-Shaked, CEO of the Bat-Yam Municipality, the city constitutes a natural extension of the Tel Aviv metropolitan area and serves as an alternative for recreation and leisure. The promenade and beach, both of which have been experiencing massive development in recent years, serve as a true attraction for the residents of Gush Dan. They provide a wide range of content, combining both comfort and pleasure. In addition, the municipality has also pointed out that even today, Bat-Yam constitutes an inseparable part of Israel's metropolitan tourism map. In 2011, the city

hosted approximately 80.000 tourists.

Source: The Bat-Yam Municipality website.