About Bat-Yam

  The City of Bat-Yam - Facts and Numbers



The city was founded in 1926 when 11 families settled in the area south of Jaffa and established a homestead called "Bait VeGan". In 1958 the settlement was awarded city status. The story of Bat-Yam constitutes an inseparable part of the national struggle for establishment of the Israeli state. The southern neighborhood had gradually grown into a city with its own unique character and identity, a city which had over time become one of Israel's largest cities.


The city covers an area of 828 hectares.
The maximum length is 4500 meters (along its eastern edge).
The maximum width is 2600 meters (along its southern edge).
The city includes 15.9 hectares of beachfront property, approximately 1 m2 of beach per resident.
The average distance from the beach is 1.1 km.
10% of the city area constitute open public spaces (80.6 hectares in total).
40.6% of the city area is used for residential areas and commerce (336.2 hectares in total).



The city population is approx. 160,000 persons.
Bat-Yam is Israel's 12th largest city.
30% of its residents are new immigrants from ex-soviet countries.


Culture and Recreation:
5 neighborhood sports centers,
1 municipal culture center,
1 municipal auditorium,
3 museums,
7 community centers,
2 libraries,
1 football stadium.


Source: The Bat-Yam Municipality website.