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A lighthouse in a city with no port - architectural inspiration


Behind the Nave Noff Tower design there lies a living breathing story. According to Chief Architect Gal Marom, the essence of activity is the collection of individual desires, passions, and construction of individual "Passarolas" (a flying boat powered by globes of human desire - taken from José Saramago's novel titled "Baltasar and Blimunda") based upon them.
In the case of the Nave Noff Tower, the unique story has deeper meaning and involves a complete system of simplified concepts that together constitute the whole and endow it with dramatic beauty. According to Marom, the engagement in timeless creations is a leading factor of the design process. When we look up at residential buildings, we examine the town itself as a backdrop to the structure and advance our design by incorporating ways by which the structure would best integrate with it and serve as an integral part of the local landscape, regardless of passing time and the changes it brings with it. There is no doubt the Nave Noff Tower stands byh this definition: A timeless architectural masterpiece that forms a link between Bat-Yam's unique urban character, the project's location, and the needs of its tenants.
At the heart of the Nave Noff Tower story was the intention to award the city with a lighthouse who's sheer magnificence and uniqueness my be seen from afar. It was already in the early stages of the project, during presentation of it to the city mayor and Extended Municipal Committee, that we avoided referring to the structure as a "Tower", but rather as a lighthouse. The story that eventually bought their support was that of a lighthouse in a city that has no port.
In line with this spirit, the tower was designed such that its seaward facade includes a huge golden fin that illuminates the entire structure from top to bottom, reflecting in a pool that doubles its height, turning it into a true icon.
The project's unique geographical location at the southern tip of the city's waterfront promenade and the fact that it marks the city's southwestern boundary, guided us during formulation of the architectural concept. Concepts such as the fin, sail and lighthouse were all attributed new interpretations and the integration between their expression and the open-minded and innovative approach which refuses to succumb to temporary fashion dictations and believes in ongoing and independent search for timeless solutions of design, have resulted in this magnificent structure which appears as a magical jewel, endlessly shimmering towards the open expanses of the great sea and horizon.