Municipal Education

Optimal Education and Encouragement of Academic Studies

Bat-Yam's Model for Personal Education - The city of Bat-Yam was awarded the National Education Prize for development of a unique model that includes a wide array of activities for city pupils.
The Atid Center for Personal Education - A Research and Development Center which houses a wide range of models dealing with educational ties and surrounding community. The center serves as a magnet for researchers, academics, teachers and educators alike. As such, the center constitutes a laboratory for the creation of knowledge and its spreading among the social educational community.
25 schools participate in a unique program that combines activities involving energy consumption savings and recycling within school limits while participating in classroom education, special days and teacher training courses including:

The "Sharat" School - Winner of the "Persistent Green" award for the numerous environment related activities it runs at the school and in the community.

The "Herzl" School - "Green School" - Certified as a "green School" for its ongoing activity in the field of environmental protection and quality of life.

The "Harel" School - Winner of the "Minister of Education and Minister of Transport Award" for its road safety educational program. The prize was awarded to the school for the unique road safety activities it operates throughout the year by introversion of responsibility and individual commitment, observance of the law, and respect for the rights of others and their needs.

The "Ort Ramat Yosef" School - Winner of the Israel ORT Education award. The prize was awarded to the school for the many initiatives it runs, the collaboration it maintains with various academic institutions, the impressive increase in the number of graduates legible for a matriculation certificates, and the sense of belonging and pride its students have in their school. The school was also praised for the social community projects in which it is

involved, mainly the adoption of retired Bat-Yam residents.

Sustainability Peak Day - A day which focuses on the extensive activity of seventh grade pupils from various junior high schools across town. Each school chose to focus on a unique research topic such as noise as an environmental hazard, water, radiation, recycling, and so forth. All research was conducted in cooperation with public bodies that deal with environmental protection and public health, including MALRAZ (Council for the Prevention of Noise and Air Pollution in Israel), the Israeli Mobile Phone Carriers Forum, Maccabi HMO and the municipal engineering department. As part of the event, the junior high school pupils presented their products and ran various sustainability related activities for the city's primary school pupils.

Discovering Bat-Yam's Treasures of the Sea - Special environmental activities for encouragement of contact with nature including building of sand castles using recycled spoons and buckets, a guided nature walk on Thaio Beach, a green Sukkah event, a nature walk in Sela Beach Coast Rock Tour and preparation of environmental flags.

Green Youth Movement - 50 seventh grade pupils from various junior high schools across town, all of which have high environment awareness and undergo weekly environmental quality training at the local lottery office. All subjects are delivered by experiential methods including experiments, lectures and creative activities.

Scholarships for Promotion of Higher Education - Numerous scholarships valued at hundreds of thousands of NIS were awarded to students and pupils of the city.

The Bat-Yam College - A center dedicated to the delivery of popular and academic education: Bachelor's and Masters degrees, a communal academy for completion of matriculation studies and various senior citizen courses.

The "Computer for Every Child" Project - Bat-Yam is Israel's leading municipality in terms of the number of computers the city hands out as part of the national "Computer for Every Child" project. The city is also the country's only authority which is expected to complete handing out 1000 computers to its youth.

Lifeguard Training before the Swimming Season - Bat-Yam's city lifeguards were invited to deliver numerous lectures as part of workshops offered to 1500 1st and 2nd grade pupils. All lectures involved topics concerning safety at the beach, correct beach conduct, correct use of sunscreen, the importance of bathing in beaches that are monitored by lifeguards, the significance of colored flags used at the beach, and so forth, and included live demonstrations of various life-saving accessories that were brought in from beach life guard stations for illustrating the importance of adherence to safety rules at the beach and on the way to it.

The "Terem" Project - A program for promotion of child safety awareness and action and for minimization of injury within various frameworks.